Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Catalytic Reminiscing...

Did some late night browsing (and scrolling) on youtube and came across some oldies, but goodies - tunes and videos - all which in one way or another have given me 'goose-bumps', and which remind me why, so called, 'creative endeavours' are the most worthwhile of activities to pursue - regardless of discipline... How these relate to the general theme of this particular blog I'm not sure, beyond perhaps that they all, at least for me, touch upon some timeless qualities in their being which should resonate on all levels, regardless of age, background or culture. They also do reflect on some of the often aforementioned hybrid aspects of all actions we take. Our decisions are mongrels of our past...

Battles - Atlas

Sugarcubes - Birthday

Paul Oxley's Unit - Terry's Inside

Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal

Dragon Ash & Sugar Soul - Garden

Zero 7 - Home

Chris Cornell - Seasons

Lauryn Hill

Justice - DVNO

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