Monday, August 8, 2011

The Extraordinary Ordinary - Scaffolding...

Manama, Bahrain (Photo by Paul Brady)

A few photos of building scaffolding (one of my favorite photographic subject matters) from around the Gulf region (and one, for comparisons sake, from London)...

Salwa, Kuwait

Salmiya, Kuwait

Aladiya, Kuwait

Aladiya, Kuwait

Doha, Qatar

London, UK


Ghadah said...

I like these. Just the other day I was driving and pointed out a beautifully scaffolded building with green netting somewhere off the 30. In Kuwait City, on the other hand, there is a building with tattered netting which flies in the wind. It doesn't seem very safe, but the building looks like it's trying to beckon the others with its mesh fingers. Finally, there was a building under construction in Salwa with the most crooked scaffolding you can imagine, very storybook-like. You have inspired me to take my own version of scaffolding! I'll see what I come up with and send you the photos. Hi Tom!

Thomas said...

They are fun, aren't they..? And often much more interesting than the buildings behind their veil... I'll probably do a few post of scaffolding in different countries... Hello Ghadah..!