Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why Not [Us] No. 2 - Hybrid Disciplines...

This blog entry, classified here as the second rendition of the 'Why Not [Us/ Here]' submission, is mainly consistent of a variety of, topic-wise disperse, youtube clips. They are mainly targeting my students at Kuwait University, and form a summary, or continuation of sorts, to our conversations during today's class regarding the evolution and cross-fertilization of cultures, and the definition and development of their unique characteristics (but hopefully others will find them of interest too). What recognizable elements define the identity of contemporary Kuwait? Which are the notions that are unique to this particular locale, makes it stand out from its neighbours and other nations further afield? We also dwelled upon the almost osmotic quality of creative practice, where two or more distinct disciplines occasionally overlap and merge, forming a new 'being' that is unique, and more than the sum of its initial components - a syncretic hybrid that, once established, will form yet again an element for a future amalgamation in this continuous dynamic process. The clips below, presented in no particular order, can be defined to belong to a variety of specific 'arts' (architecture, sculpture, fashion, (art) performance, dance, music, film, engineering, etc.) however, they all contain elements that have clearly been influenced by another art/ discipline that's distinct from their own.


Issey Miyake

Richard Wilson

Michel Gondry

William Forsythe and Sylvie Guillem

Peter Zumthor

Hussein Chalayan

Jean Pierre Jeunet

Nitin Sawhney

Buckminster Fuller

Matthew Barney

Tetsuo - Iron Man

Anish Kapoor


Alexander Calder

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