Monday, August 10, 2015

High Line Art - The Collectivity Project, NYC...

An exhibition/ collective installation set up by the artist Olafur Eliasson on the High Line in New York, where the public is allowed to use/ contribute/ build with white lego a constantly evolving setting...

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gitto yuffie said...

More independent restaurants closing than opening while chain restaurants are up

Just a year after san diego county was shown to be outpacing the rest of the country in restaurant growth, there are now fewer independently owned dining venues opening than closing.Twice a year.

Both nationally and in san diego county, the total number of independent restaurants fell by 2 percent, while chain restaurants grew 2 percent last year through september, compared with the same period in 2013.A year earlier, npd's restaurant census showed a more than 2 percent surge in new independent restaurants.

Of the county's nearly 6, 900 restaurants last september, more than half 3, 729 were independent, down from 3, 797 a year earlier, the npd group reported.

The los angeles metro area experienced a similar dip, while the san francisco bay area saw just the opposite, according to npd.

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"It correlates to visits.On a national basis, customer visits to independents were down more in 2014 than they were in the prior year,"Said starzynski, npd's director of product management. "It's hard to say exactly why.Ask the consumer why they're not going out as much, and when they do go out, why they're spending less.There may be continued uncertainty about the economy, although lower gas prices now should help by putting more money in people's pockets. "That reality doesn't seem to square with what san diego restaurant broker mike spilky says he is seeing, as he negotiates deals throughout the county.The pace of openings, he says, shows no signs of flattening, nor does patronage at most of the eateries he's familiar with.